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Lafferty Law Office is able to provide an experienced attorney for a wide range of different legal issues. Lafferty Law Office focuses on providing legal representation with respect to Estates, Guardianships, Elder Law, Probate, Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Real Estate, Business and Personal Injury. Attorney Lafferty is licensed to practice in the State Courts of both Ohio and Pennsylvania, in U.S. District Courts and before the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney Lafferty is a seasoned and skilled lawyer and advocate, represents his clients assertively, intelligently and thoroughly, and obtains the best results possible.  Attorney Lafferty makes sure every client is well represented.  Attorney Lafferty's areas of practice are further described below. Call Lafferty Law Office with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

Estates – Guardianships – Probate – Elder Law - Wills & Trusts.

Attorney Lafferty is a very experienced, highly skilled and seasoned practitioner with a practice concentration in these areas. He has successfully represented many, many clients and families in large and complex Estates, Trusts and Guardianships, as well as routine Estates, Trusts and Guardianships. He drafts Estate, asset and health care planning documents intelligently and carefully. He regularly litigates matters for clients in the Probate Court.

Attorney Lafferty is frequently retained by clients, or appointed by the Court, for "troubled probate matters", where questions and issues have arisen over the administration of financial affairs of an elderly, disabled or deceased person, potential mismanagement of an estate or guardianship or the recovery of misappropriated assets. Attorney Lafferty is a strong advocate for protection of the elderly and disabled. He frequently speaks at seminars and educational gatherings in this field of practice.

Business – Real Estate

Attorney Lafferty has represented hundreds of successful business clients with respect to formation of corporations, LLC's, partnerships, sole proprietorships, contracts, disputes, lawsuits, and assorted business transactions.

Attorney Lafferty has successfully provided legal services in thousands of real estate transactions in Ohio and Pennsylvania, representing Sellers, Buyers, and many Lenders.

Personal Injury - Accidents

Personal injury cases can be complex, and Attorney Lafferty can assist in navigating through all the details. Whether the situation at hand is a car accident, an injury at work, or another type of issue, quality legal representation assures the receipt of fair compensation. Attorney Lafferty has successfully represented many injured clients and has the experience and resources to pursue fair recovery for serious injuries and claims.


Every effort is made to resolve a controversy through good faith and respectful discussion and negotiation. When that will not secure  fair and appropriate results, Attorney Lafferty actively and aggressively litigates client's claims or defends his client against claims made by another, as the case may be. The first priority in any case being - take very good care of the client!
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